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Internet Browsers
Internet Browsers

Internet Browsers | 151 Mb

Presenting your attention the most common web-browsers: Mozilla FirefoxOpera,Apple SafariGoogle Chrome, and the actual Microsoft Internet Explorer. Also you can download 9 other reviewers, not so popular, but nevertheless quite popular:MaxthonComodo DragonTheWorld BrowserFlockMozilla SeaMonkey, and others.

Google Chrome

Internet Browsers

Google Chrome - Web Browser production Google open source, which combines support for Web applications and easy search with high speed and stability. In Chromeused operating time Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox. Of the features of Chromedevelopers all insist isolated tabs that prevent the failure of the program and provide more protection from dangerous sites. In addition, the Chrome Engine introduces a new javascript V8, which enables the browser to work with Web applications, the new generation.

Official website - chrome_installer.exe


Internet Browsers

Opera - one of the fastest and most flexible in your browser. Using skins, custom panels and other tools for configuring the interface, its appearance can be changed beyond recognition. The program allows on the fly turned on and off the schedule, and also boasts proprietary technology scaling Web pages through which users browser almost never see a horizontal scroll bar.

Official website - Opera_1053_int_Setup.exe

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Browsers

Mozilla Firefox - the browser works very quickly, and the speed of apparent not only during loading of Web pages, but when looking at bookmarks and history. Made it through the engine, and Mozilla allows you to view all web pages in one window mnogovkladochnom and also has many other useful options, including the ability to significantly enhance connectivity plug-ins (and released their great number).

Official website - Firefox_Setup_3.6.3.exe

Apple Safari

Internet Browsers

Safari - web browser from the company Apple, which was originally developed for the operating system, Mac OS, but later became available, and on Windows. In the program there is a windowing system, advanced security tools, built-in tools for reading RSS-feeds and automatically fill in Web forms, the mechanism of bookmarks, support for plug-ins and much more. Has a very nice interface and quite fast rendering of pages, starts almost instantly. For high-speed performance Safari virtually no different from the modern decisions of this plan. Nevertheless, the developers claim to double the performance over Firefox.

Official website - SafariSetup.exe


Internet Browsers

Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) - browser supports tabs, and having your own RSS-aggregator, Maxthon also has many useful features that greatly enhance the usability of the browser: support for mouse gestures and advanced drag and drop objects, databases, forms autocomplete, shortcuts and aliases , a group of links, ad filter, searchtools and other functionality further expands Maxthon plugin (available in dozens of plug-ins). Maxthon also supports skins.

Official website - mx_2.5.13.166.exe

TheWorld Browser

Internet Browsers

TheWorld Browser - Multi-browser built on Internet Explorer engine, and has a number of additional features. There are a variety of customizable toolbars, ad-blocking module and filtering web content, file upload module, on / off loading of images, video, Flash and javascript, different modes of surfing, control the browser using mouse gestures, increased opportunities to work through a proxy server , support for hot keys, possibility to change skins, and much more. Above all, there is the possibility of connecting additional plug-ins.

Official website - TheWorld_en_3.1.6.8.exe

Netscape Navigator

Internet Browsers

Netscape Navigator - the new version of the famous browser. The browser uses the engine Mozilla Firefox, therefore it has almost all functions of the latter. Here there is a windowing system, built-in search of information in various popular search engines, a simple download manager, the ability to connect extension, compatible with MozillaFirefox, the search function and read Web feeds and other features inherent in modern browsers.

Official website - netscape-navigator-

Tencent Traveler

Internet Browsers

Tencent Traveler (abbreviated TT) - web-browser. Like many other uses Trident core of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Rarabotan Chinese telecommunications company Tencent (the largest Internet Service Provider)

Language - Chinese (English is not found)

Official website - tt4.8setupv892.exe

Orca Browser

Internet Browsers

Orca Browser - user-friendly Web-browser built on the basis of the kernel FireFox. It has many settings. It has all the features the most advanced browsers and comfortable, unobtrusive user interface. Rendering engine from Microsoft allows the browser to load almost instantly. Tabs can be moved, resized, have the discretion and priority. Thebrowser has a built-in popup blocker and flash-animation, supports news feeds, low system requirements. In addition, a special on-line store, users can store all yourbrowser settings, passwords and bookmarks. Just enter your username and password and access information from any computer.

Official website - osetup.exe

Comodo Dragon

Internet Browsers

Comodo Dragon - a new browser that uses the latest technology Chromium and reinforcing them in such a way as to make the best browser for use in today's Internet, plagued by malware. - Excellent safety and confidentiality. Comodo Dragon not only gives you a full set of features offered by Chromium, but also gives you unmatched safety features of Komodo and confidentiality. Comodo Dragon Security provides increased privacy, superior technology Chromium, a verification technology domains, which identifies and distinguishes superior SSL certificates from the lower stops cookies and other web-spyware, and prevents all tracking download the browser in order to guarantee your privacy.

Official website - DragonSetup.exe

Mozilla SeaMonkey

Internet Browsers

SeaMonkey - a project based on the good traditions of the Mozilla Suite. ClassicalMozilla developed for many years, found her range of loyal fans, but never reached the masses, bringing in this role handsome modern browser Mozilla Firefox. The basis is taken SeaMonkey Mozilla Suite, as proven over the years a product with tremendous stability and verified code. This basis was added to the set of functions that have become familiar to users of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. The structure of SeaMonkeyincludes several components.

Official website - SeaMonkey_Setup_2.0.4.exe

SRWare Iron

Internet Browsers

SRWare Iron - browser open source software, developed by German company SRWare from source project Chromium. The main reason for its appearance - a fact tracking the user browser, Google Chrome. SRWare Iron does not have anything like this. In addition, Iron uses the latest version of WebKit and V8, while a Google Chrome uses the stable versions of these engines.

Official website - srware_iron.exe


Internet Browsers

Flock - web browser, built on the basis of widespread application Firefox. Retaining high speed and security, which correspond to the browser Firefox, this application has dramatically expanded its capabilities with new progressive additions. Flock has a special panel to find information, where the result is displayed as a set of search words, and the final search query is sent to multiple search sites. There is a system to automatically search for news feeds on a Web page and handy tool to read and sort the received news.

Official website - flock-2.5.6.en-US.win32.exe

Internet Explorer

Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer - the popular Firefox browser, developed by Microsoft. In Internet Explorer, implemented user-friendly interface, similar in design to the interface of the operating system Windows Vista. The browser also supports the so-called guitar (tabs), there is support for RSS-news channels. In Internet Explorer, special attention is paid to security, there is protection against phishing, security view of Web pages. In a browser, there are fast team (Activities), which are available from the context menu. They allow you to search, send messages by mail, translate text into another language, etc.

Official website - IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe

Internet Browsers

Internet Browsers

1. Google Chrome
2. Opera
3. Mozilla Firefox
4. Apple Safari
5. Maxthon
6. TheWorld Browser
7. Netscape Navigator
8. Tencent Traveler
9. Orca Browser
10. Comodo Dragon
11. Mozilla SeaMonkey
12. SRWare Iron
13. Flock

Download all browsers (13) one archive (151.24 MB)

Internet Browsers - Internet_Browsers.rar

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