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sXe Injected anti cheat
You have tried many anticheats in order to protect your Counter Strike 1.6 server, But none of them worked properly.You've tried HackHunter abd Hl Guard, but they wasn't exactly what you have expected. There's one more anticheat to try....sXe Injected and its prefect  and i also recommend you to install it for anti-cheat. The protection works like this: you will have to install sXe Injected server's protection as a metamod plugin and your clients have to download sXe injected client, run it and then connect to your serer. Any client that doesn't run this mini program gets kicked out of your server after a few seconds from connection
Server's Protection steps
Download here the sXe Injected server's protection plugin and unzip it
Download here the sXe Injected client, unzip it and install it to your computer by double clicking the executable

 Installing sXe injected protection on your CS 1.6 server

After you have downloaded and unziped the first archieve, copy the sxei folder to
           HLDS\cstrike\addons folder
OPen HLDS\cstrike\addons\metamod\plugins.ini and add like this:
           win32 addons\sxei\dlls\sxei_mm.dll
open HLDS\cstrike\server.cfg and add a line like this:
           ip 119.158..... (your ip-)
Edit in server.cfg the following line:
           __sxei_required 1 (two underscores in front of sxei_required
           This is a plugin cvar. it has the following values:
      1-plugin on and after 6 seconds,client that don;t run sXe injected client will be kicked.
      0-plugin on but the client will not be kicked. The plugin shows an warning and their name will be changed                                                                     in (no-sXe-l)

       Installing the autodownloader plugin

          As i said it before. this is an Amx Mod X plugin and it requires Amx Mod X 1.6 or higher  installed. You will install the plugin as an ordinary Amx Mod X plugin:

copy the auto_sxe_dld.amxx file to HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxdox\plugins
Open HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini and add a line
 Copy the auto_sxe_dld.sma to amxmodx\scripting
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